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buzzcarLocation de véhicules entre particuliers. Chercher à partir de :Mens Clelles Monestier-de-Clermont

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Welcome to equilibrium land

When the wind blows evasion
when the land breeds emotions
when fire is the hearth of conviviality
when water is source of wellness
well then you are in the Land of Trièves,
at the crossroad of the elements,
and anything is possible…

Paragliding for the disabled
Paragliding for the disabled

The Trièves, the eco-tourism destination for your vacation and hiking in the Alps

At the boundaries of three departments which are the Isère, the Hautes-Alpes and the Drôme, the territory of the Trièves opens up for you.
Diveded influences of the mountains and plains, of the snow and scents of the Provence, it is an invitation to live with the rythm of the seasons, to take the time and to cherish the moment.
Rest to rise better, escape to refind oneself better, leave to return better, opposites attract, the extremes interact and the differences answer each other, up to creating a perfect balance.


Terre vivante practical ecology

Magical and majestic Jewel in the heart of the Trièves away from the urban bustle. Landmark of practical ecology with vegetable gardens, flowers ...
A true piece of paradise!


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